How many times will you stick me?! #30daywriterschallenge

I had every intention of posting earlier this morning. I started my day with some Meditation, then some more meditation with the Chopra & Oprah Meditation Challenge, check it out if you can it’s Free and always life changing. A real Habit breaker, am I the only one that see those two names are spelled with the same letters. (watch the synchronicity) After the set aside morning time, I realized I had less than an Hour to get the BOY to school and myself to my first appointment for the day. My primary care Doctor is pretty cool, He listens and that is more than I can say for most of my Doctors and their behavior. Well, after listening to my doc tell me what I NEED to continue changing and what I have done so exceptionally. I was sent to the lab for testing. I recently figured it out, that It’s not the Doctors and Hospitals that I hate, it’s the rolling veins in my arms that won’t allow for one stick…the left arm, they always go for the left arm. WHY?! Do they go for the left arm, dammit, I knew she would get nothing from that arm. “Lift your right arm,” she said. Yes, the right arm, go for that arm, that’s the arm that flows like a beauty. But wait, can you not do that, that the moving the needle around in the there, there inside my arm….wait, what are you doing? Why are you taking that out, NO, don’t do that dammit. Again, you bout to stick me again, What the Freezer! Great, you got the blood, Finally!

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