The Socialies of Social Media…#30writingchallenge

Happy November 1, yes it is November, that cleansing season. the time of the year when you release everything that no longer serves and finds ways to heal who you are and choose to become a better person, internally! So, let’s start with me…normally, I don’t accept writing challenges and seeing how I write daily, adding an additional 1000 words or so to my day is not much. So, I am doing new things, weird to write it out. I am such a stickler with what works but what works hasn’t been working, so, CHANGE! is always the answer.

Yesterday, I realized I’d not spoken to a good friend in about three weeks, I will say, I am not the sit on the phone for hours at a time friend, but she and I usually text or use some form of communication to check in and touch bases. SO, I started to wonder, although, seeing her on FB and INstagram, I could see that she was doing fine through the post but sometimes that can be all the way deceiving.  yes, her face had a smile and her clothes looked put together but what I couldn’t see, was that she was going through a crisis. I couldn’t see that she wasn’t in the best of moods, I couldn’t see that her relationship had plummetted, I couldn’t see that her son had begun to work all the nerves she had left. But, I felt it, I felt that something wasn’t right because I missed her energy. Which leads me to the subject at hand, Social media can and has been so deceiving even with myself, I hear people say to me all the time I see everything is good with you through your FB page. Really, damn, you could send me a DM or something, pick up the phone and call seeing how I have had the same two phone numbers for the past ten or more years. Lies, I tell you lies, people can see anything through social media except what you want them to see. Could you see that I was in a car accident a few months before my Earthday? Could you see that I was in a neck and back brace for three weeks, could you see that I was having panic attacks and Vertigo and all types of bad shyt that are not ever supposed to happen to artist, HELL, we are crazy enough without the hormonal imbalance and the serious uncertainty that pain meds and antibiotics can have on the body, GEESH!

Could you see all of that through my FB post, because if you saw all of that, why didn’t you call, send a message, comment on the post. Because, you couldn’t see all of that, social media, allows us to feed you just enough information to think that our situation is more than it is, when it is not. See my friend looked happy in the post, the pictures, but she wasn’t/isn’t, she is battling internally the next chapter of her life and it is taking a toll on her spiritually. But How would I have known that if I just went my what the social media website look like?

It’s almost like what happens when a video goes viral, socially and the major networks pick it up and tries to break it down into something that it’s not or worse more than it is. Social media, is exactly what most people were taught not to do, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. although, we know that we shouldn’t we do anyway. We look at the newsfeeds and timeline and take it completely at face value without using our common sense to figure out what is really going on. My main issue is when you know the person, personally, you had a relationship with the person at some point in time in your life, but you won’t send a message to say “how’s everything” what does that really say about you as a person, you as someone that said at some point in your life you were that person’s friend?

Social Media is a distortion as well as an avenue for you to become a vehicle of jealousy and pettiness. It’s the high school reunion for adults that lack a social life, it the platform for the cool kid that wasn’t so cool in high school, it’s a barrage of “I got mine, you get yours,” but no one seems to be helping anyone, we all are just apart of the universal plot “to keep up with the Jones!” Phuck the Jones, who are they anyway, I wish you could see the people I know on social media really doing, the people who have no car note, no credit card debt, no mortgage payments, taking international trips…those are the people I enjoy following on social media, those are the attributes, I desire to have.

The next time you see a friend on social media, or someone you care about for that matter, don’t take a post at face value especially when you know better of them, seek understanding or better just say HELLO.

Better yet, what happens when Social Media tells you the relationship you had with a friend is not that relationship, do you believe Social media?!

Just a question.

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