9 Years Later!

Last night a DJ saved my life. Literally, my DJ the Most High granted me with the presence of Magic.

The Floetry Reunion Tour stopped off in Birmingham last night, gifting this beautiful Soul and others with Fairy Dust, Words from the Ancestors and just out right Glamour Street Essence. With a diverse crowd anxiously waiting for the Dynamic Duo to take the stage I notice just how much I’d missed the energy of a Sisterhood. From Mothers and daughters, Girlfriend/boyfriend, pairs and couples were everywhere. All excited to witness the comeback. So as they took the stage with replaying song after song, interchanging back and forth, left side to the right side, occasionally dapping each other up, making sure to grab hold of the out stretched hands down front, their energy was overwhelming.  I realized my spirit as well as so many others missed this collaboration. Missed the presence of understanding, growth, individuality and Love. They love each other as people, of course, but I saw love of artistry. It has been 9 years since they were together on stage and it seemed as if they’d never been apart, However, what I did notice was Growth, growth of two women who started out as kids it seem and through struggles, life hiccups and challenges found the God within and Loved her; They Loved her fiercely. This love is something that women encounter along our journey as we understand who God as chosen us to be. It is an understanding of SELF. the opportunity to grab hold to our place, our time, our moment, I stood in the sea of spirits and watched Natalie invoke the ancestors on our behalf’s as Marsha called out to the Wolves within to remember our worth. They are known as the Floacist and the Songstress, they will be in on tour for the rest of the Summer. If you find they are in your city or within a driving distance make it a GIRLS NIGHT OUT or Just a Need to be Inspired! Just go and be feed, because there is one thing for sure, the person you go in as will be totally different from the person who leaves….

Last Night a DJ saved my Life!